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                                                                                           OUR KEY PHILOSOPHIES

Determine what really needs to be researched:

       *  Understand the likely uses of the research results.
       *  Design methodologies that specifically match client needs and expectations.

Only our senior executives liaise with clients:

       *  Our project directors have been "hands-on" senior marketing executives.
       *  We've been the client, so we see things from their point-of-view.
       *  We understand and respect the agency's relationship with its client.
       *  We know how best to support the agency in front of its client.

Total client satisfaction:
       *  Encourage client/agency input in critical decisions before proceeding.
       *  Proactive communication in client service.
       *  Flexible and responsive client service attuned to client culture.

Value added reports:
       *  Clear conclusions.
       *  Strategic implications of research findings.
       *  Recommendations for actions.

What can the client expect?
       *  Customised research.
       *  Relevant inquiry.
       *  Actionable outcomes.
       *  Value for money.

Market Facts Pty Ltd
Market Research Consultants
60-68 Byng Road, Birkdale Qld 4159
PO Box 3196 Qld 4159
Phone: 07 3822 9588
Fax: 07 3822 9577
ABN: 40 009 940 265

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