Lesley Gibbs
(General Manager)

As well as directing the business as a whole, Lesley is directly responsible for both the fieldwork and the data processing involved in each project.

She directly manages our Brisbane Field Team of experienced interviewers and supervisors, and controls our Provincial and Rural field teams through local supervisors. Lesley ensures that all interviewers are properly briefed about their Project and fully trained in the interviewing techniques appropriate for the current job.

Using our sophisticated Survey System of data analysis, Lesley also writes the specifications and directs a specialist team of coders and data entry operators, processing both Market Facts' surveys and those of outside organisations.

Lesley has been involved in Market Research for over 30 years, mainly in Field but also in Data Processing, working previously for McNair Anderson, Roy Morgan and ANOP.  She started with Market Facts in 1988 and then took over the company in 1999.

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